Lyra Bragança Project - 11/14/2010

The MB industries develop a Social Project where poor children can learn music for free. Besides sponsoring the Project, MB cases offers their facilities and children can learn musical language, theory, chamber music, choral and how to play brass and percussion instruments. The Project has formed a children brass band called ‚ÄúLyra Bragança‚ÄĚ.
On Saturday the Project offers a full Day of music classes and the children have breakfast, lunch and afternoon meal.
The Project results are wonderfull, the children have developed many qualities, like good behavior at school and at home. To participate on the Project, children need good grades and frequency at school. Besides music, the children learn notions of respect, education and good manners. The more involved with the music farther they get from drugs and crime.

Access the link below and watch Lyra Bragança playing with some musicians of Munich Philharmonic.

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